Welcome to The Self-Publishing Experience

Our next Virtual Experience Day takes place on Wednesday 26th January 2022.

The Self-Publishing Experience

Our next Virtual Self-Publishing Experience Day takes place on Wednesday 26th January 2022.

If you’re an author considering self-publishing your work, finding out how to go about it, what can realistically be achieved and what your options are can be a daunting prospect. So from the UK’s most widely-recommended self-publishing services providers comes The Virtual Self-Publishing Experience Day – From Manuscript to Market – a day of sessions held via Zoom, hosted by staff from Matador (Troubador’s self-publishing imprint).

The day’s sessions look at all aspects of publishing a book, ebook or audiobook – from editing the manuscript to typesetting and cover design, marketing and distribution. If you’re considering self-publishing as an option for your own work and want to find out more, the Virtual Self-Publishing Experience Day is just right for you!

Our aim is to demystify the self-publishing process, explain what your options are as a self-publisher, look realistically at what you can expect from self-publishing and demonstrate the processes involved in putting a book and/or ebook together. There will be a total of six Zoom sessions throughout the day, designed to be an informal look at all aspects of the publishing, distribution and marketing processes. A final, detailed timetable will be provided to all delegates in advance of the day.

At the end of the Virtual Self-Publishing Experience Day, we hope you will have a far better understanding of what a commitment self-publishing can be, and an appreciation of the freedom and excitement that self-publishing brings with it. (The Experience Day is not aimed at current Matador and Book Guild authors, who should arrange meetings with staff as required.)